Know About the Various Concrete Finishes Available for Your Floors

Know About the Various Concrete Finishes Available for Your Floors

Concrete is widely used for indoor and outdoor floors, driveways, and also for the construction of pools. It is sustainable and resurfacing it periodically can make it last longer. If you need resurfacing, there are some basics you need to know. There are various concrete finishes that not everyone is aware of. Every finishing requires a different tool and a different skill. They are used for various purposes too. We will guide you through that so you can decide on the finish you want.

Concrete Finishing

Old concrete is prepared and used for the resurfacing process. There are different types of finishes available in the market today that increase the usefulness of the concrete and also contribute to its beauty and texture. Some people prefer the non-skid concrete finishing for their floors, which is ideal for households with kids and the elderly.

Different Types of Concrete Finishes.

– Smooth finish:

When a bull float is taken over the wet concrete to level the ridges and fill voids, it is called a smooth concrete finish. The concrete is rubbed several times with a trowel during the drying process. It gives the concrete a smoother surface.

– Trowel Finish Concrete: 

The trowel finish on the concrete is done with a specific trowel called a Fresno. It is smoother and denser than the usual smooth finish. They do add to the beauty of the concrete, but one should not use it for swimming pools or the area nearby as they are not slip-resistant. This finishing can be used indoors.

– Cove Finish Concrete: 

When a circular structure is created using a trowel, it is called a cove finish. This kind of circular pattern not only makes the concrete look nice, but it also provides slip resistance and adds to the durability of the concrete.

– Stipple Finish Concrete: 

A special kind of trowel is used to create a stipple finish for the concrete. It involves smoothening the wet concrete with the help of a trowel, and then the mason creates swirls in it for the desired traction.

– Broom finish concrete:

When a stiff broom or brush is used to create a texture on the wet concrete, it is known as the broom finish for concrete. Simple horizontal or vertical lines are created, and sometimes the concrete even has a checkerboard effect.

These techniques add to the appearance of the concrete without compromising its strength. The techniques might sound simple, but it requires a skilled mason to ensure desired results. If you’re looking for resurfacing or adding a new design to your concrete, connect with our concreters in Melbourne today.

These techniques help in increasing the life of the concrete, and the need for regular maintenance also decreases. You need to pick the right finish for the concrete you want it on. We hope this helped you in making a decision.


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