8 Tips for Long-Term Maintenance of Concrete Driveway

A well-designed and durable driveway enhances the valuation of a property. While it is low maintenance, routine care and cleaning are necessary to extend its longevity. Weekly to monthly cleaning of the driveways and sealing prevents the concrete from wear and tear.

Do you want to preserve the life of the exposed aggregate driveways Melbourne and retain their decorative look? Here are the following tips that maintain the driveway, keep it safe, and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Regularly Clean the Driveway 

Regular cleaning is one of the simplest ways to keep the driveway in good condition. Lack of cleaning often accumulates dust, debris, and leaves on its surface. Use a leaf blower to remove the leaves and a high-pressure hose pipe to wash off the dirt. Lack of regular cleaning clogs the driveway, leaves stains and fades the concrete color over time.

Always Seal Your Driveway

Sealing the driveway provides a protective coating, expanding its life. Reapplication of sealant from time to time prevents absorption of water and penetration of debris into the pores. It gives a renewed look to the driveway while reducing the risk of cracks. Resealing ensure the concrete is resistant to adverse weather impact.

Fill Any Existing Cracks 

The concrete driveways Melbourne is capable of withstanding heavy loads. However, lack of curing or general aging makes the driveway prone to cracks. As soon as you come across any cracks on the driveway, make sure to fill it and fix the damage. Untreated cracks grow wider with time and hence damages the driveway. The use of sealant is one of the quickest and most effective ways to fill the cracks.

Immediately Clean Chemical or Oil Spills 

It is not uncommon for the driveways to occasionally encounter oil leakage from automobiles or accidental spillage of chemicals. The longer the oil or chemical stays on the surface, difficult it is to clean and leaves a permanent stain. Make sure to immediately clean up any spillage to keep the driveway appealing and new.

Protect the Sides and Edges 

Lack of maintenance of the sides or edges of the driveway makes it prone to wear and tear. As the sides are damaged and weathered, it widens the cracks, and the damage is sometimes irreversible. The best way to protect the edges is to use landscaping products to keep the sides intact. You can opt for metal or wood landscaping products that are easy to install and enhance the look.

Prevent the Use of Deicing Chemicals

Accumulation of snow is common in cold, wintry places. It is tempting to use deicing chemicals to remove the hardened snow, but it causes surface damage. Most chemicals contain ammonium nitrates and ammonium sulphates that harm the concrete, especially if the driveway is newly made.  

Plough Carefully During Winters 

Ploughing the snow on the driveway during winter is an obvious solution many homeowners think of. It is recommended to take necessary preventive measures before the snowfall to minimise damage. As a layer of ice accumulates, use sand or ice to break the layer and then carefully use a shovel to spread it. This helps in the easy clearing of the ice layer.  

Summing UP 

Homeowners prefer concrete driveways as it is durable, affordable and low maintenance. Proper care and regular maintenance ensure the driveways last a lifetime and look effortlessly appealing. Follow the tips in the article to retain the strength and appearance of the highway and prevent it from cracking or damage.

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