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Coloured Concrete Driveways Melbourne

CC Concrete driveways come with a whole load of benefits which makes them a popular pick for properties in Melbourne.

Driveways not only add a finishing touch to the overall appeal of your house and lawn but they are also highly durable and stick around for many years. At Cura Concrete, we give the general concept of concrete driveways a beautiful and eye-catching twist with our coloured concrete driveways. Gone are the days when driveways were built in a single shade because now they come in a range of design and colour options available at Cura Concrete. To get the hang of how we work and why we are the best pick for your property, feel free to give us a call today.

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CC Are you building a house and have the plans done? We can help!
Just hand over a copy of the plans to us & we’ll take off all dimensions and quantities & provide a quote to meet your requirements and budget for the job.



Charcoal coloured driveway in Lilydale poured in by our team
Finish : stipple anti slip with highlight control joins and edges
Supplier : Hanson (2% charcoal)
Next gen concrete pumping service

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We pride ourselves on being a family-owned company that offers high-quality and reliable concreting services. Our skilled professionals can provide modern and custom designs and fast turnaround times for all projects. You can trust that our concreting services will be hassle-free and of the highest quality.

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Coloured Concrete Driveway Cost In Melbourne

Coloured concrete driveways are the talk of the town because aside from being available in a variety of colours and designs, they offer sturdiness and durability to the entrance of your property. Whether you need someone to construct a driveway from scratch or repair and renovate an old one for a classier finish, we at Cura Concrete are the right pick for you. With several years of experience up our sleeves, our team of highly trained and skilled concreters aim at turning your otherwise boring driveway into an attractive one. For an estimate on the coloured concrete cost, give us a call on 0451 227 512 and we’ll be glad to help you make an informed decision. Call today or browse our website for further help.


If your choice of finish is paving then a great cost effective method to achieve this to get the concrete slab poured, and you can have coloured concrete for this, then we use a diamond saw to cut the surface to make it look like pavers. 

You can have the look of pavers without the expensive outlay.


Stenciled or stamped method is achieved by a using textured mat that’s stamped into the surface of the concrete. There is a large variety of patterns available from slate to brick paver effect.

Spray on Paving
For a renovation project on an old in tact concrete surface choose spray on paving for a cost effective solution.
Both old and new concrete can benefit from spray on paving from a brick paving effect to crazy paving the choice is yours.

This type of paving is easy to maintain and if installed around a pool or entertainment area can be easy on bare feet and also non slip can be added for extra safety, and with a wide range of colours on offer its very likely we can meet your needs.


CuraConcrete can help you to decide the finish for your new concreting project so just contact us for a free quote and consultation service.

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CuraConcrete is dedicated to providing a seamless service, with only the best materials. Contact us for a free quote and consultation service.

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    Coloured Concrete Driveways FAQs

    Is it better to paint or stain a concrete driveway? 2022-07-29T22:33:59+10:00

    Concrete stains are undoubtedly a better choice if your priority is decoration. Acid stain penetrates the concrete’s pores and reacts with its constituent parts. Concrete stains can be used to colour concrete on interior or exterior surfaces. When sealed and polished, they produce a high sheen floor that is simpler to use for patios or interior decorative floors. However, paint is a better option if you want to add a layer of protection against damage to the concrete’s surface. Concrete paints also provide an opaque appearance.

    How long does colour concrete last? 2022-07-29T22:34:15+10:00

    With adequate maintenance, coloured concrete can last for at least 10 to 15 years. The primary component of coloured concrete is pure inorganic pigment, created by oxidising metal. It is impossible to fade the final powder pigment concentrate. However, concrete erodes with time and after exposure to environmental factors. The surface of concrete “dusts” and slowly erodes until fine sand particles are visible. To increase the value of your coloured concrete, it is advisable to purchase it from a vendor who offers mixes created for durability as a solution.

    Is coloured concrete more expensive than normal concrete? 2022-07-29T22:34:24+10:00

    Compared to plain concrete, coloured concrete is more expensive. This kind of mixture is employed for applications where a certain colour is required rather than being able to see the aggregate. Depending on the look you want, this mix can either be troweled, sprayed or floated onto the surface. Coloured concrete is available in the range of $75 to $90 per square meter, or up to $150 if you choose a creative option like stamps or stencils. There is no difference in price for concrete that is troweled, sprayed on, or floated since each is done separately depending on the desired appearance.

    Can you colour poured concrete? 2022-07-29T22:32:43+10:00

    Yes, three different colouring techniques are available for concrete. Stains are a popular method that may be applied to both fresh and old concrete. Stains are UV resistant and permanent because they permeate the concrete’s surface. As a result, most stains can be utilized outside without fading. Colour hardeners are frequently used with stamped concrete to strengthen and brighten the concrete’s surface. This process for colouring concrete makes it more durable to moisture. Of all the techniques, concrete dyes give the most vivid colours. However, because dyes are likely to fade when exposed to sunshine, they are not frequently used for outdoor applications.

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