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Concrete Driveways Melbourne

CC All the answers to your queries regarding concrete driveways, their installations and their upkeep are just a call away. That being said, get in touch with the leading concreter of driveways in Melbourne at Cura Concrete and we’ll be happy to assist you with any queries. Not just building new driveways but our experts at Cura Concrete excel at renovating and renewing the old driveways at competitive prices. The quality is never a problem with us by your side considering that we use only the best quality material to ensure longevity. Call today for a free consultation and we’ll handle the rest.

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Concrete Driveways Melbourne Renewed or Repaired

CC Concrete driveways in Melbourne are getting a makeover and the results provided by Cura Concrete are making the residents happier than ever. Even if your driveway was built decades ago, we can be of great assistance to you. From newly built driveways to renewed and repaired ones, the expert concreters at Cura Concrete work hard to achieve unbelievable results for your property. We excel at coloured concrete driveways along with exposed aggregate driveways for a fantastic look. To get more information on why concrete driveways are an important investment and what makes them a great pick for your property, feel free to call us today.


Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves on being a family-owned company that offers high-quality and reliable concreting services. Our skilled professionals can provide modern and custom designs and fast turnaround times for all projects. You can trust that our concreting services will be hassle-free and of the highest quality.

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Our Concrete Driveway Installation Process

Concrete driveway installation is tough work, but the effort involved is well worth it when you can stand back and look at a great result. There is going to be some noise if we have to remove a driveway, but we’ll do it all with your neighbours in mind, keep the site tidy and remove the rubbish.

The number of patterns, colours and styles are almost endless for driveway installations. So if you have a definite idea of how you want your new driveway to blend in with your home, there will definitely be an option that we can customise for you. Concrete driveways have gone way beyond the dull grey slabs that we see so often. As in life, technology has helped us with the advance in chemistry of even a simple product like concrete with formulations designed to enhance colour texture and durability. So don’t hold back if you have in mind something that you think may not be possible, talk to us first & we’ll advise you. 

After all we are not here to tell you what driveway you should have – that’s entirely up to you and if we can meets your needs, we’ll get the new driveway done professionally to your specifications.

Our team works efficiently, with modern equipment so we try to keep the price as low as we can whilst still providing a top quality product made from the best materials.


CuraConcrete can help you to decide the finish for your new concreting project so just contact us for a free quote and consultation service.

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CuraConcrete is dedicated to providing a seamless service, with only the best materials. Contact us for a free quote and consultation service.

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    Concrete Driveways FAQs

    Can I repair cracks in my concrete driveway myself? 2024-01-29T21:36:36+11:00

    You can repair minor cracks on your concrete driveway by yourself. All you need to do is apply some sealing compound, and your driveway is good to go. However, concrete driveways in Melbourne with larger cracks need to be addressed by experts. Taking matters into your own hands will only make it worse. Experts will assess the severity of cracks and take suitable action. They may even advise a complete resurfacing if the cracks are deeper.

    What causes cracks in concrete driveways? 2024-01-29T21:36:27+11:00
    • Poor foundation and installation: If the base of your driveway is not strongly packed with crushed gravel and a high-quality aggregate base, your driveway may crack. 
    • Too much weight: Parking a heavy or oversized vehicle in your driveway can also lead to cracks. 
    • Root growth: You may have seen small weeds or plants growing on your driveway. If you don’t remove them promptly, it may lead to cracking.
    • Expansion: Concrete driveways in Melbourne are susceptible to cracks because of heat expansion.
    How should I maintain my concrete driveway? 2024-01-29T21:36:14+11:00

    To maintain your concrete driveway and make it last longer, use concrete sealer every 2-3 years to protect it against moisture and stains. Moreover, remove debris and leaves from the driveway with the help of a mild detergent and water. Another thing to consider is to fill any cracks with concrete paths to prevent them from expanding. Additionally, your concrete driveway in Melbourne is also susceptible to oil spills. Hence, ensure you clean them promptly to avoid damage. 

    What is the lifespan of a concrete driveway? 2024-01-29T21:35:42+11:00

    A concrete driveway is durable and made of robust material that can withstand heavy traffic. However, the lifespan of a concrete driveway in Melbourne can vary depending on factors such as weather conditions, maintenance, and quality of installation. If you install a top-quality concrete driveway, it lasts 25 to 30 years. Moreover, regular sealing and repairs can help extend its lifespan even more. Hence, regular care and maintenance can make your driveway last even 50 years.

    What is the Australian standard for concrete driveways? 2022-07-29T22:14:26+10:00

    Australian Standards AS 2870 and AS 3600 must be followed in Australia. Slabs are typically between 85 and 100 mm in thickness. Generally, the pavement between the “kerb-and-gutter” and property boundary must adhere to the local authority’s standards. The prescribed minimum slope or cross-fall for a driveway is typically 1% or 10 mm per meter for appropriate surface drainage. The maximum grade shouldn’t be more than 5% near a footpath or 25% near a property line. Since standards differ based on the construction, refer to this datasheet for more details.

    Is it cheaper to pave or concrete a driveway? 2022-07-29T22:14:26+10:00

    Due to its excellent drainage and ability to prevent slips and falls, pavers are four times more durable than concrete slabs and safer to use. However, concrete slabs are affordable and easily accessible. Concrete may be made to resemble pavers with ease using contemporary technology. Moreover, concrete is available in a huge selection of hues, patterns, and patterns. Although concrete is also 15% less expensive than pavers, it is more prone to cracking and staining. So even though concrete would be a cheaper option, in terms of durability and maintenance, pavers would prove to be a more economical decision in the long run.

    How much does a concrete driveway cost Melbourne? 2022-07-29T22:14:26+10:00

    The price of constructing a concrete driveway in Melbourne would depend on the design and your requirement. However, a simple driveway costs $60 to $85 per square meter. In comparison to a flat surface, a sloping surface costs $10 more per square meter. Coloured concrete ranges from $75 to $95 per square meter. In addition to the price of concrete, a decorative driveway made of pebblecrete, stencilled, or stamped concrete would cost $100 to $150 per square meter. You should budget between $1,080 and $1,530 to commission a pathway for a tiny, single-car driveway with a 3m width and 6m length.

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