Chuck the Confusion – Select The Best Concrete Finish for Your Home

Concrete is a fantastic material that you’ll find raging in the construction and décor realm in today’s world. From the pavements to the sidewalks, from focal walls to countertops, from sinks to flooring, and even the driveways, consider it as a consistent choice of commercial and residential property owners and designers across the globe. Naturally, this favouritism is not without reason — concrete is affordable, highly durable, and easily fits into design schemes. You’ll even be glad to know that this material is eco-friendly and that is why it can even be called the future of construction.

The types of concrete finishes to choose from for your property

When you are convinced of installing concrete in your property, you have to remember two things. One, it looks cool in any part of your house — be it your bedroom, bathroom, and even your driveway. Secondly, you don’t have to compromise with the aesthetics of your house. Concrete can be as attractive and impressive as you like, and totally a charmer in your property. Yes, it’s very much possible today because of the incredible choices in concrete finishes that we now have. But are you confused as to which concrete finish would be most suitable for your property? Then simply call Cura Concrete. These concreters in Melbourne have great knowledge of the various types of concrete finishes and they’ll both guide you in your selection and even lay them in your property very neatly. Now let us help you knowing some of the popular concrete finishes so that you can choose them wisely for your home:

Exposed aggregate finish – Exposed aggregate finish of concrete is the most popular among the homeowners. The revealed look of colourful ‘diamonds’ hidden in the concrete base is something that catches your eyes instantly. What’s more, it is highly skid-resistant, attractive, and suits the interiors and even exterior segment of your house really well.

Polished finish – Polished concrete finish is also winning hearts nowadays. Especially, you’ll find it really exemplary in your living room and bedrooms. The best benefit of this finish is that it is really tough and prevents any kind of damage to the concrete under the polished area. This makes it a long-lasting option for your house.

Stipple finish concrete – The stipple finish concrete is one that lets you make simple patterns on the concrete floor with the help of trowel, broom, or spinners. These attractive patterns on your concrete make the floor appear bespoke, designer. You can try this finish outdoors like the pool area or the driveway.

Acid staining finish – If you are really looking for a dramatic effect on your floor in the house, then you should go for the acid staining finish on your concrete. This stain on the concrete with the help of acid provides a real stone or marble like appearance to the floor. Not only do you enjoy a super smooth and gorgeous floor in your house, but it is also anti-slippery and durable, making it rule the decor realm from your kitchen to the living room (and everywhere in between).

These finishes are the most popular ones that concrete is subjected to. Now you can decide which of these impress and appeal to you, suit your lifestyle, and then consider the same for your home.

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