Why is coloured concrete driveway picking up the trend?

Aren’t you noticing the rise in concreting projects in your neighbourhood?

Recently, concrete driveways have emerged as one of the most effective ways to enhance the look of any home. The homeowners prefer an array of colours to add warmth and character to their property.

Stipple finish concrete driveways enhance the look of your home. Further, they’re being installed due to numerous compelling and functional reasons.

Let’s list down the reasons why coloured driveways are picking up the trend train:


With a life expectancy of more than 30 years, the concrete driveways have proved to be highly durable. The exposed aggregate concrete can even last a lifetime with proper care.


Big or small, installing a coloured concrete driveway is highly useful in and enhancing the look of any property. And with an array of colour choices, you can choose whatever colour compliments your house the most.

Removal of Snow

We all know how tedious the process of shovelling the snow is, and getting it done can be a daunting task. One of the best things about concrete driveway is that shovelling snow is quite easier and quicker than other pavers or gravel.

Increased Property Value

Getting a coloured driveway installed at your home that matches its style can increase the aesthetics of the property as well as its value in the real estate market. Doing this will help in increasing the number of prospective buyers of the property as well.

Less Expensive

Installing the concrete driveways is the least expensive driveway than any other form of driveways.  It becomes cost-effective as you have only to add colour with the concrete. Adding a coloured pigment on the top of the wet concrete surface will produce the s coloured concrete driveway of your choice. That’s the reason concreters in Melbourne are in demand.

With a wide range and types of concrete driveways, you will be blessed with an array of choices to choose from. Concrete Services in Melbourne are quite proficient with their services. There’s a range of design options available to suit whatever you need. Also, with all the types of concrete, there exists a variety of textures and finishes that can be used depending on what area is to be concreted.

So, get your property installed with stipple finish concrete with us. We can help you with high quality concreting solutions. Contact us on  0451227512.

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