5 Off-Beat Reasons To Get A Concrete Driveway For Your Property

Looking to upgrade the area surrounding your property? We’d suggest getting a concrete driveway. A concrete driveway has a lot of benefits—some widely known and some not so much. But it’s these off-beat benefits that make getting one all the better. While they may sound inconsequential at first, they can help enhance your property and elevate the overall appeal instantly.

Here are five reasons why we think you should invest in one. 

1. Heat Resistant

Ever felt like the air in and around your home is hotter than the temperature on the weather forecast? That might be due to the area around your home. Asphalt driveways absorb all the heat, causing your home to heat up. Concrete driveways can help reflect it.  A concrete covered area absorbs less radiation. This causes the air surrounding your property to be considerably cooler. If your home has great ventilation, this can even help naturally cool your home, helping you save on electricity bills. 

Additionally, since concrete reflects light instead of absorbing it, you need fewer lighting fixtures in the driveway. This could save energy consumption for years to come. 

2. Enhances Overall Appeal

Gone are the days when you had to sacrifice on an appealing driveway for efficient functionality. With concrete driveways, you can get both!

While light grey is the standard go-to look, you can now choose from quite a few options to enhance your curb appeal. For example, you can get a coloured concrete driveway with various designs and texture blends for a better look. You could even have a salt and pepper look with customisable decorative concrete. 

3. Easy To Maintain

Concrete doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. It bears harsh climatic conditions, such as snow, rain, and excessive heat, pretty well. The only thing it needs is sealing.

Sealing concrete every six-seven months, depending on the type of concrete you’ve used in your driveway, is essential for its longevity. To prevent cracking, ensure you’ve got contraction joints throughout the driveway. 

4. Environmentally Friendly

How is upgrading your driveway to concrete energy-efficient, you ask?

Firstly, the overall cost of setting up a concrete driveway is considerably less. The entire process doesn’t require as much energy compared to its alternatives. Secondly, its reflective properties allow you to make do with fewer lights in the driveway. 

5. Enhances Property’s Value

Not everyone remains in the same house forever. You might put up your property for sale or rent at some point as you move to a better or ideal location. In such cases, every aspect of your home will determine the price value of your property, and the driveway would sure make a difference. 

A sleek and clean concrete will attract more interested prospective buyers, offering to pay you more, as compared to houses with an asphalt driveway. The easy maintenance and better appeal can also be excellent selling points. 

If you wish for a change in the overall appeal of your property while trying to be energy- and cost-efficient, try hiring a professional servicing company to install an aggregate concrete driveway. It won’t be long before you fall in love with it!

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