Exposed Aggregate for Driveways : Pros and Cons!

You are reading this article probably because you think exposed aggregate form of concrete is the best option for your driveway. Well, if you consider it as a fabulous material to enhance the beauty of your house’s exterior, chances are that you saw this kind of driveway in your friend’s house and are super impressed. Still in two minds? Obviously, it’s natural to weigh your options before taking a decision —after all, anything concerning your home is a long-term investment with far-reaching consequences.

Understanding the good and flip sides of exposed aggregate concrete.

Concrete is the most common material used for driveways across the world. Its different variants like stipple finish concrete, slate forms, stencilled types, and exposed types make it more enticing even for bespoke designer homes. But so far, the exposed aggregates are in trend for areas like driveways.

Pros of installing exposed aggregate in driveways –

Exposed aggregate driveways in Melbourne via Cure Concrete are considered the best option for your exteriors because of their expertise in carrying out the job perfectly. Their incredible knowledge and experience in dealing with all kinds of concrete make them the best company to hire for this job. But yes, there are other great benefits of going for this floor as well.

The decorative touch

When the upper layer of the concrete is exposed to show off the fine stones and materials imbibed inside, it actually creates a very nice and impressive effect on your driveway. So, the plus point of installing this kind of flooring in your house’s exterior is the increased curb appeal of the place.

Quick and easy installation

Though the task of exposing the aggregate of the concrete might seem a tough one, it’s actually a very quick and easy procedure. If you call a great team to do the job, it happens within a day or two.

Not much maintenance either

It is understandable that since it’s the home’s exterior you are worried about the constant dust and dirt. But don’t worry, you can just pressure wash your driveway if you install the exposed aggregate and it would seem clean and gleaming like new.

Anti-skid and non-slippery

Rest assured that when you are installing the exposed form of aggregate in your driveway, it is entirely non-skid and non-slippery. So, your driveway shall not be prone to accidents.

Cons of exposed aggregate in your driveway

Though there are few, but yes, it has some downsides as well. The following are some of the disadvantages of exposed aggregate concrete:

Cannot bear much heavy load

Once you install the exposed aggregate in your driveway, remember that heavy load can damage exposed aggregate concrete.

Not easy to mend

Basic concrete is easy to repair by just patching up the damaged area. But with exposed aggregate, you’ll see that chipped stones start getting damaged further once there is even a small issue and repairing it is a tough job.

Dust settling in the gaps

The exposed form of concrete driveway can prove a little bit tricky to clean because the dust that gets settled in the fine gaps of the exposed side.

Exposed aggregate concrete pros and cons have been clearly mentioned in the article above. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that the pros outweigh the cons. Exposed aggregate driveways are visually appealing, durable, slip-resistant, and low maintenance. Moreover, it can be customised based on your preferences. What else do you want from a driveway, right? Moreover, at Cura Concrete, you have experts dealing with such surfaces for years. So, if we are saying aggregate concrete is a smart choice for your driveway, it is backed by experience and research. 

Now when you have read both the plus and minus points of having exposed aggregate in your driveway, we hope the decision to finally install it or not would be a conscious one. Overall, we would suggest it as a wise, long lasting, and practical option — but of course, it depends on how you use and care for it.

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