Guide To Concrete Driveway Maintenance

Apart from being popular, the concrete driveways are robust, attractive, affordable, and easy to maintain. However, with lots of foot traffic and car weight, the driveways often get worn if not taken care of properly. With different types of concrete finishes available in the market, you have plenty of sturdy options to choose from.

The coloured concrete driveway will make your space look modern and beautiful. Thus, maintaining them well will save you a hefty amount. Since this investment is long term here are some tips that will help you keep your driveways shining.

Powerclean: Cleaning your concrete-coloured driveway is the best way to maintain it. Cleaning your driveway protects against the development of grime and dirt, which cause uneven surfaces. Using a power cleaner on a concrete driveway is recommended to reach hard areas and remove stubborn dirt or stains since concrete has a rough texture. Using it once a year can change the whole story for you in a good way.

Patch holes and cracks: The coloured concrete driveway may develop cracks and holes due to accidents, water retention, hailstorm, or because of heavy vehicles. These cracks and holes not just make driving difficult but they can also become a reason for major accidents. You will also see dirt accumulating in these holes, along with some plants growing. All this will hinder the smooth functioning, and they must be evenly patched to prevent any mishap.

Reduce water exposure: We know that driveways are open areas, and protecting them from water is almost impossible, especially in the rainy season. But we can at least try to prevent the retention of water. Concrete driveways often allow water to seep in, which gradually disturbs the strength. There should be a proper drainage system, and the water should not stand for long.

Be quick to remove snow: Snow does similar harm to concrete driveways as water. Adding more to the chaos, it makes the driveways slippery and muddy, which becomes an inevitable cause of accidents. Your vehicle might slip or even cause you to trip on the driveway. Therefore, snow must be removed as soon as possible and should not be left unnecessarily.

Select from Different Concrete Driveway Types: It is advised to build your driveways according to the predominant weather at your location. There are different types of concrete finishes in the market to choose from. In case you live in a place that is extremely windy, you can choose a broom finish. On the other hand, salt-finished driveways help to keep mud and other dirt at bay.

Keep good care of the edges: Edges on all sides are very important. If your driveway is in the middle of the garden, it is advised to mow the loan to avoid grass reaching the concrete driveway. Moreover, because of slanting edges, they are likely to crack and thus must be repaired as soon as possible. This not only keeps your driveway in top condition but also prevents hazards.

With the help of these tips, you can maintain the aesthetics of the concrete driveways for years to come. However, if you are in search of professional help, get the best service from the experts at CuraConcrete. We provide much-needed assistance associated with your concrete driveways. Our affordable price and quality service will bring a smile to your face. Whether you want a new driveway or just want to replace the old one, we are equipped with all types of concrete finishes.




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