The various attractive types of concrete finishes that you can opt for your property!

Textured concrete can be a very attractive feature on your property. You can simply opt for the plain ones to create a perfectly stable looking floor or design them in your favourite patterns to make them create a fabulous effect on your place.

Concrete is widely used for indoor and outdoor floors, driveways, and also for the construction of pools. It is sustainable and resurfacing it periodically can make it last longer. If you need resurfacing, there are some basics you need to know. There are various concrete finishes that not everyone is aware of. Every finishing requires a different tool and a different skill. They are used for various purposes too. We will guide you through that so you can decide on the finish you want.

Ø  Some of the best concrete finishes to choose from!

 Are you looking for just a decorative surface in your property or it should be functional as well? According to the purpose and your taste, you can contact the concrete contractors in Melbourne and let them do the best job on your property.  And for a detailed list of those patterns and finishes, read on.

o   Stamped concrete—

Stamped concrete is basically a pattern formed on your concrete to give it a brick or slabbed look. This just requires the basic technique and equipment by your contractors, and you can even add more drama to this space by colouring the alternative stamps.

o   Stencilled concrete —

As the name suggests, the stencil concrete requires stencils to form the patterns on your concrete floor. This not only looks alluring, but is highly functional and anti skid as well. So, you can try this type of finish on your terrace, balcony, and driveway — and even on the area near the pool.

o Exposed aggregate

Exposed aggregate is the most common type of driveway option that requires pouring the concrete and then removing the top most layer of the same. The result is the exposed part of the substance which forms a really attractive looking floor in your place which is absolutely stunning and functional.

o   Smooth finish —

When a bull float is taken over the wet concrete to level the ridges and fill voids, it is called a smooth concrete finish. The concrete is rubbed several times with a trowel during the drying process. It gives the concrete a smoother surface.

o   Trowel finish —

Trowel finish is basically the type of finish that requires pouring the concrete and then you use a trowel to form some floating lines on it. Yes, it makes a very tough flooring and is functional as well. But you require the best quality trowel along with the best craftsmen to get the perfect finish.

o   Cove Finish Concrete —

When a circular structure is created using a trowel, it is called a cove finish. This kind of circular pattern not only makes the concrete look nice, but it also provides slip resistance and adds to the durability of the concrete.

o   Broom finish —

Broom finish is similar to trowel finish. Herein, you finish pouring the concrete and use a broom to get the fine lines on the floor. There is no rocket science in it and it looks good on your exterior floorings.

o   Stipple finish —

Stipple finish is an upgraded version of the trowel finish. This requires a specific kind of trowel and using it on your poured concrete while it is still wet to get the desired results. The stipple finish on concrete by Cura Concrete brings you a very good result and your floor looks better and more impressive than ever.

These types of concrete finishes are the most famous and commonly preferred ones. But there are more — like — rock salt finish, epoxy coatings, and stained concrete. Remember, all of these can make your concrete floor look better and your home even more spectacular.

Different types of concrete finishes have different appeal. You must choose one that elevates your ambiance and improves the functionality of the area. At Cura Concrete, we provide all the six different types of concrete finishes mentioned above. If you are worried about which finish will work best for you, you can contact our team for a free consultation. We understand that different concrete finishes have different charms and functionality. Our free consultation makes choosing the most suitable finish straightforward. 

Our experience in delivering top-notch concrete finishes makes us the most trusted choice. Contact us today to learn more about these concrete finishes.

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