The Secret To A Long-Lasting Driveway- We Bet You Didn’t Know!

So, do you have a beautiful concrete driveway? When you chose your driveway to be made of concrete over asphalt, you knew the benefits, right? For example, it is less likely to crack or break as opposed to its counterpart and have a rather attractive finish!

However, does it mean that your driveway material is maintenance-free? Absolutely no! No type of paving material out there is maintenance-free! Here in this blog, we will give you some simple and easy steps that ensure that your investment stays preserved and looks good for many more years.

Prevent Cracks

Please don’t wait for the crack to appear before laying down something to prevent its appearance. Seal your driveway annually so water can’t seep in and freeze when winter comes.

Also, having trees near the driveway is not the best idea because their roots can reach down and put a lot of pressure on the driveway, which could lead to cracks, so make sure to trim those down.

Fill In The Cracks

Did one of your guests fall on your aggregate concrete driveway? Do you have holes or cracks in your driveway? Well, if you do, don’t fret! It’s an easy fix that won’t take long. The first step is to remove all debris from the hole or crack. Using a chisel, pry away any loose material around the edges of the hole/crack. Next, fill it in with a crack filler and sealant drying time overnight before sealing the whole driveway to protect against tripping hazards!

Avoid Deicing Chemicals

Using ice melt on your concrete driveway in the winter will cause damage to the surface of the concrete, mainly scaling and spalling. Products containing ammonium nitrates and ammonium sulphates are harmful because they chemically attack the concrete making it weaker. Avoid using ice melts the first winter after concrete placement since new concrete is more susceptible to this kind of salt damage-sand is favourable for traction instead.

Plow Properly

The slogan should be, “Plow it gently.” If you’re going to use a snowplough, be sure it doesn’t scrape or harm the driveway surface. To be on the safe side, use a plastic shovel when shovelling. Even if you’re tempted, push or shovel snow off a few inches at a time to avoid the rush!

Clean The Driveway

Last but not least, keep your driveway clean. Different driveway stains can be caused by motor oil or radiator fluids. So make sure you are taking care of it all in time. Jot down the following tasks when one needs to clean their driveways – you want it to look good right!

  1. Take away stains caused by motor oil with the help of non-clumping kitty litter & warm water.
  2. B) Remove stubborn residue of older oil stains with the help of grease cleaning detergents and scrub brush. Make sure that your scrubbing is done gently
  3. C) If nothing works, then get in touch with professionals who can do concrete repair work on your driveway

Final Say

Making the most of your home with clean and well-maintained concrete driveways, Melbourne will not only add value to your home but also help keep it in good working order for fewer headaches down the road.

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