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Sticking to interior decorations is so last year. People are now equally concerned about how the exteriors of their houses look. One of the most creative and effective ways of amping up exteriors are coloured concrete driveways. Not only do they look stylish but are also loaded with benefits.

The Appeal

People are becoming more and more concerned about the appearance of their houses. A coloured concrete driveway not only adds an amazing artistic finish to the curb appeal of the house but also adds that extra flair which blends seamlessly with the architecture of the house. Although it is considered to be a bit more expensive than the general grey asphalt material, the benefits make it worth the expense and believe us, it’s a decision you won’t regret!

Unlike the general asphalt grey driveway, it is more attractive, looks classy and if chosen correctly, compliments the front yard along with the garden.

Low Maintenance 

Concrete is one of the toughest construction materials available in the market. It is low maintenance, which applies to coloured ones as well. In general, a concrete driveway is not affected by heavy footfall.

The minor cracks which may appear on the surface can be due to the movement of plates. However, that is not serious in any way and can be quickly fixed with a simple DIY hack of using a concrete patcher.


“But coloured concrete driveways are more expensive than the normal ones” if that’s what you are thinking, then hold the thought. What if we told you that you need not worry about your driveway for at least 30 years. Concrete, being one of the strongest muscles of the construction industry does not need much frequent renovation. The surface does not fade due to the harmful UV rays, which means your driveway will look brand new for a long time.

Melbourne concreters are extremely picky about the raw materials they use. Also, construction for them is an art and they like to do it with perfection. Hence, all you have to do is relax in the armchair of your front yard and watch the sweet envy of your neighbors towards the driveway.

Increase in value

A house with a beautiful interior with an equally astonishing exterior automatically holds much more value and turns more eyes than the others in the resale market. The cost of constructing the driveway will be entirely paid off through a more lucrative sale. They are super strong and you need not sweat over possible cracks in your driveway due to heavy vehicles.

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