4 Benefits of Having a Concrete Driveway

With its durability and strength, concrete has emerged as one of the most commonly used materials in the installation of modern driveways.

Why do people prefer concrete services in Melbourne?

Is it’s strength, durability and impact resistance properties the only reason why people prefer concrete over other materials, such as asphalt?

No, they’re not the only reasons behind concrete being the first choice of every other homeowner.

Let’s take a brief look at four of the essential benefits of using concrete as a material for your driveway:

  • Curb Appeal 

Concrete with its standard light grey surface offers a considerable beautifying curb appeal to the entrance of a property. Further, there are options of coloured concrete as well for the homeowners who want a darker surface.

The stamped concrete surfaces add a pleasing texture that often blends beautifully with a home’s architectural design. Also, the exposed aggregates offer a highly textured, and 3D look to the driveway.

  • Maintenance Expense 

The maintenance expense can be reduced by using penetration sealers and contraction joints in the driveway. Clear sealers are quite useful in protecting against deicers or moisture absorption and contract joints isolate cracking that occurs as concrete shrinks.

With asphalt, as soon as it’s installed, the binder begins to dry out. To slow this process, a periodic seal coating is required. Even after such occasional resealing, an asphalt drive won’t last as much as the concrete one does.

  • Environment Considerations 

The integrated energy cost of an exposed aggregate driveways Melbourne is less. It’s a more environmentally friendly pavement solution, as it requires less energy overall to both produce and place concrete at the desired area. Whereas a tremendous amount of energy is needed to heat hot mix asphalt.

  • Resale Value 

Will you be putting your home or property for sale in future?

If so, investing in concrete driveways is what makes it more appealing for any future prospective buyers. All the basic features of concrete material, i.e. it’s durability, strength and high load-bearing capacity are considered by the buyer when purchasing a property with a driveway.

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