Choose the Right Aggregate Concrete Driveway for Your Home

Do you want to extend the life of your driveway in Doreen, Australia? Do you also want to improve its aesthetics?
If so, you cannot overlook the importance of an aggregate concrete driveway!
There’s no denying that it has been in high demand in Australia due to its ability to withstand bad weather conditions.
A driveway is undoubtedly an essential part of your front yard design. Thus, having a good concrete driveway with the correct shade, design, and shape is really important. Unlike regular concrete driveways, the aggregate driveway is relatively durable and offers a modern and sleek finish. Not only can it add durability to your driveway, but it can also enhance your home’s appearance.
Failing to consider a few aspects may negatively impact the outcome of your driveway.
If you are considering renovating your driveway, an aggregate concrete driveway can be your best choice. There are multiple essential things to consider. Listed below are some of them.

1. Choose the Colour Wisely

No matter what design you choose, you must focus on selecting the right colour for your driveway to match well with your home. If you don’t know what tone to choose, always consider the colours on the outside of your living space. Remember that the colour of your driveway depends on the stone you choose. Let’s say your home has a beige tone, then selecting a mid-brown driveway shade will be ideal. Many homeowners often prefer an earthy colour like grey limestone that goes well with outdoor surroundings.

2. Know the Texture

After figuring out what tone you’ll need for your concrete driveways in Doreen, you now may need to consider the texture before proceeding to the installation. The texture of your aggregate driveway depends on the usage and the foot traffic that it will be experiencing. Before making a decision, ask yourself, will you use the driveway more often? Does your driveway need a draining system during the rainy season? Do you want a concrete driveway for vehicles? When you consider these aspects, you’ll make the right decision. Consider choosing a driveway that facilitates comfort and convenience. On the other hand, if you often park your car in front, consider a coarser aggregate mix to prevent slipping.

3. Don’t Overlook its Size

It is another important consideration you cannot overlook when choosing an aggregate driveway. Remember that the driveway’s size and shape will impact its durability and usage. The size may go up to 2 inches or more in diameter. Always consider rounded aggregate options that provide the maximum coverage and cater to the surface with heavy foot traffic. On the other hand, considering angular aggregate is also an ideal choice if you want to add dimension and texture. Avoid flat aggregate options as they often require maintenance and repairs.

Tip: Always consider the best concrete driveway that can last up to 25-30 years.


Whether you want to enhance the look of your home or add durability to your living space to withstand heavy foot traffic, an aggregate driveway is an ideal choice. Don’t overlook your driveway’s shape, size, colour, and texture before getting started.

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