Style Your Aggregate Concrete Driveway That Matches Your Home’s Aesthetic

When you think of it, driveways aren’t exactly known for styling. They are literally just there to get our car off the street. But, since most concrete driveways in Melbourne are in front of the house, it might be worth thinking about new driveway designs that could go well with your home’s aesthetic.

From appealing country drives to a city-life garage look, these top ideas will help you improve the face of your curb that are both; beautiful and practical.

Valet-Ready Drive 

An aggregate concrete driveway loves an oil stain. And permeable stone pavers may transform your drive-up entry into a valet-ready country club if you host frequently and enjoy the appearance of lush plants.

The most excellent part about permeable stone pavers is that they appear like verdant green grass and provide rainwater drainage. Because they are ideal for drainage, consider placing them in areas where water tends to pool.

Traditional Charm 

Pavers made of brick are perfect for a more conventional, romantic, and homey appearance. They are less slippery because they are more abrasive and stain-resistant than concrete. But since typical clay bricks can’t support as much weight, you must pick brick pavers instead. 

There are also unique designations depending on the environmental difficulties in your area (earthquakes, for example).

Recycled Oyster Shells 

Shell driveways were employed in the early American colonies as a means to recycle leftover shellfish in addition to being attractive and appropriate. They won’t grow worse by breaking up and spreading out more for an even, level, and comfortable surface when you walk on them; they’ll get better as you drive over them and split into tinier and tinier bits. They also have excellent drainage since rain may travel through them and be absorbed by the ground thanks to the gaps between them.

Grass + Concrete 

If you are willing to go over the top, you can also go for a grass-jointed geometrical driveway design that offers a perfect combination of lush awnings and durable concrete. 

These are also great at preventing flood damage, as they allow rainwater to infiltrate the ground. “Within driveways, we often use block pavers with a significant material thickness. 

The added thickness is essential for areas trafficked by cars and trucks. These blocks can be made of granite Belgian block cobbles or a prefabricated concrete aggregate block

A Garden Driveway 

In a city home at street level, the driveway occupies a sizable section of the small property and greatly influences how people view your home. You can increase its pop for a drivable garden instead of trying to make it disappear. The contemporary frosted glass garage door pattern attracts the eye thanks to the lovely drivable landscape.

Classic Concrete 

Having a traditional concrete driveway can be a great option too. Concrete could be the ideal material for a contemporary home. Most modern homes have automated garage doors; choose hardware for a tidy, streamlined façade. It perfectly matches the home’s design, blending in rather than standing out in the landscape.

You can use concrete pavers or pour concrete, which will differ in form and function. Pavers won’t require a curing period; they have more traction, and it has super high PSI, meaning they can withstand a ton of pressure (that’s one of the reasons it’s so common). Maintenance and diligence are vital to keeping it from looking dirty (though tree roots and other natural causes can create cracks).

The Takeaway 

There’s no denying that concrete driveways can be a good addition to your spaces. Besides being under budget, they offer outstanding durability and resistance to extreme climatic conditions. 

However, to ensure your concrete surfaces stand the test of time, it is vital to maintain the upkeep. You can also get them professionally cleaned or polished to get a new look once every five years. 

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