How to Maintain Your Concrete Driveway in Melbourne?

Cleaning and maintaining your concrete driveway could be more efficient. However, it requires almost little to no routine care to maintain its shine for a lifetime. Including the exposed aggregate driveways Melbourne made of concrete requires little preserving techniques and methods that can preserve the appearance and look for a long time. 

Below are some tips and hacks to maintain your driveway efficiently for a longer time. Follow till the end to know everything about it.

Clean regularly and reapply sealer when needed

The simplest way to keep your driveway at its best is to take your time out to clean it efficiently and regularly. Reapplying to the seal occasionally when required is another essential thing to do. How often you are required to clean and reapply the seal depends on the environmental conditions of your locality and the amount of traffic your driveway receives.

Generally speaking, you can take two years before reapplying the seal again when the finish begins wearing off. Before that, you must check with exposed aggregate driveways Melbourne. After that, accessing a sealer to polish your driveway is easy; you can find one at your nearest local hardware or concrete material supplier store. If you are still determining which sealer to buy, you can ask your contractor for the same.

Do not let the stains dry out

A sealer helps protect the concrete floors from the absorption of the stain. However, removing any oil, gasoline, grease, or other colours is still a good idea as soon as possible. These stains get absorbed into the concrete, causing discolouration, moisture build-up, and moss. 

Pressure cleaning and other cleaning chemicals can effectively remove the stains, but precautionary measures are always better to take to prevent further damage.

Never use deicing chemicals

A common issue with many people is the surface damage from putting deicers on the concrete during the winter. If you are doing the same, then scaling and spalling the concrete driveway are some signs of surface damage. This happens due to moisture forced into the concrete with certain harmful chemicals, including ammonium nitrates and sulphates. Concreters Melbourne recommendation can help you find the best sealer that suits your concrete floors. 

These chemicals attack the concrete and start corroding it. Similar are the substances such as rock salt or calcium chloride that will do less damage. However, they are enough to destroy the vegetation and corrode metal. 

Avoiding any delivery on the first winter after your driveway is placed is essential because new concrete is further prone to harmful chemicals. Instead, you can use sand as an alternative for traction.

Treat the driveway with extreme care

Although concrete is one of the most solid materials for construction, the driveways made for residential purposes are not relatively the strongest to support the burden of heavy vehicles and large construction equipment. 

Final words

These are why you must handle your residential driveways with utter care and avoid using sharp tools such as shovels or use them with care. In addition, metal blades cause scraping and scratching, so you should avoid using them on your concrete surface.

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