Some Very Important Information to Know About Coloured Concrete

Let’s talk about coloured concrete today. We know you’ve some questions about this material that you see in almost every second home. And why not? Concrete is gaining a lot of popularity in recent times across the globe. It’s sure to enter your ideas as well when you think of decorating your house. And since it’s colourful, it’s all the more enticing option — isn’t it?

What should you definitely know about coloured concrete?

Whether or not you are installing the coloured form of concrete in your property is a secondary question. Even being aware of its exclusive features, great benefits, and even drawbacks is essential, and might be useful to you in the future. And that is what you will find in this very informative post.

What exactly is coloured concrete? —

Coloured concrete is a fabulous way to brighten up your otherwise dull surface of concrete mostly in the outdoors of the property. In this method, bags of colours are added to the freshly poured layer of concrete and layered perfectly. You’ll be surprised to see the outcome of just this little step especially if you’re opting for coloured concrete driveway by Curaconcrete. They have experienced people at work who tend to wonderfully add this splash of colours to your driveway using the latest equipment and their immense knowledge.

The two methods of colouring concrete —

The concrete can be coloured using two simple methods. (Of course, it’s to be done by a professional expert only!) One is through brush via which the dry pigment is spread across the concrete, and the other is via using liquid pigment which is directly mixed to the concrete mixture.

The history of coloured concrete –

You are highly mistaken if you think that coloured concrete on floors or the decorative type of exposed aggregate driveways in Melbourne have been invented recently. You’ll be surprised to know that various forms of concrete date back to 3000 BC when the Egyptians started to use it in their industrial areas. Later, it entered the residential spaces as well. During the 1850s, different stains of colour were added to these; and in the 1900s, these were recognised completely by the entire world and almost everyone welcomed the coloured concrete even in their luxurious homes. 

The fading of coloured concrete—

We have seen lots of homeowners hesitating to install coloured concrete because they think it will fade after some time. This can be explained simply by knowing the fact that concrete fades with time and weather effects while the colour doesn’t! But again, this may not always be the case if you are getting the coloured concrete laid by a good and reliable team of experts.

The variation in the shades chosen and the final results on the concrete —

When you go out to choose the colour for your concrete, you are presented with a shade card. And you definitely select a nice shade for this area. But this may not be exactly the same shade when it’s laid on the concrete. Such variations are natural as the colour is mixed with the cement layer and the shade gets altered. It’s always best to get this matter discussed with the experts so that you select the best shades for your concrete.

So, how much did you already know about coloured concrete? We are dead sure it wasn’t even half of what we narrated. Now that you know everything essential, it’s time to use it creatively and wisely.

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